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Do Not Sell My Info

We value the trust of our community, so we want to make sure that anyone in California understands their privacy rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

What Information Do We Collect and Share?

To make sure the content and ads you see are tailored to you, we collect and share information with 3rd party ad networks through cookies. Even though there is no actual money exchanged for this information, it is still considered the “selling” of information under CCPA laws because we are sharing personal data.

What if I Login to Poshmark with a 3rd Party After I Opt-Out?

If you opt-out and then login to Poshmark through a 3rd party like Facebook or Google, that 3rd party will be collecting your information. Want to change how you login? Head over to the Account Tab > My Profile to update your email address and password.

What if I Have Social Media or Other Accounts Connected to Poshmark?

If you have any 3rd party accounts connected to Poshmark, they may still be collecting your information. Want to see what accounts you have connected? Go to the Account Tab > Share Settings to get started.

What if I Want to Share Poshmark Listings on Social Media?

When you give any 3rd party platform like Facebook access to Poshmark, you’re allowing them to collect your personal data. If you disconnect any accounts via the Account Tab > Share Settings, you’ll no longer be able to share listings on those platforms unless you give them access again.


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